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"Finally Exposed... Tattoo Artist Breaks
Silence And Reveals The Ultimate Tattoo Collection He Has Used To Continually Blow Away The Competition And Have His Clients Begging For More!"

"Inside You Will Gain Instant Access To Thousands Of The Best And Most Sought After Tattoo Designs Anywhere. Now You Can Finally Get That Kickass Tattoo You Deserve!

From the desk of: Dean Cameron

Dear Tattoo Lover,

"What If I Told You That In Just A Few Minutes From Now You Could Be Browsing Thousands Of The Greatest Tattoo Designs Ever Assembled?"

Think about this question for a moment... You could finally stop searching high and low for that tattoo you know has your name written all over it! You could even pick out some designs for your friends as well, instead of spending countless days or weeks in search of the ultimate tattoo without success. If that wasn't enough, you could print off as many tattoo designs as you want and get your local tattoo artist to ink a piece of art that you will love for the rest of your life.

"You Are About To Learn The Secret Of Getting An Awesome Tattoo That Truly Rocks And Makes People Flipout In Awe!"

For more than 20 years of my life I have been obsessed with tattoo designs. And in all those years I have journeyed to literally hundreds of tattoo parlors all around the world collecting designs from local tattoo artists. I have gathered thousands of the most insane and unique tattoo designs by some of the most talented artists from all over the world.

The idea of sharing all these rare tattoos with the world didn't occur to me until I started surfing around the internet and realized that there were no decent tattoo websites that had anything near the quality that I had collected over the years. No wonder people have such a hard time choosing a tattoo design they are happy with!

I knew there had to be a better way...

So for many months I buried myself in a project to arrange my huge tattoo collection into a categorized directory. You will find tattoos of everything you can imagine, even the most fussy of my customers have discovered their perfect tattoo in my collection. Not only that but each tattoo design can be saved or printed and given to your favourite tattooist who will then give you the tattoo of your dreams.


“So Far I Have Selected 2 Designs
That I'm Going To Get Done!”


Hello Dean,

For the past 2 weeks I have been searching endlessly for a tattoo design to get done. When I joined tattoomybrain.com I was blown away with the amount of designs you offer.

So far I have selected 2 designs that I'm going to get done! I can't thank you enough.

Take it easy!

Geoff Sanders



“I Am Currently Tossing Up Between About Half A Dozen Top-Notch Tats!” 


Hi Dean,

This tattoo collection is awesome!! So many great tattoo designs to choose from. I am currently tossing up between about half a dozen top-notch tats. My friend John was raving about tattoo my brain (cool name by the way) for ages. Once I read the page I was instantly hooked and ordered straight away. If anyone wants to get the best tattoo designs than look no further then tattoo my brain... It kicks serious butt!

Yours Sincerely,

Anita Brown


Having your body inked can be a very rewarding experience which can last for the rest of your life. Many people who have tattoos feel that they are very much symbolic representations of their inner feelings and personality. That is the power of choosing a tattoo that represents your true self, so it is of the upmost importance to take your time and select a design that speaks to you on a symbolic level.

For example, many people choose butterflies as their tattoo of choice. The butterfly is a symbol for freedom, beauty, connection with nature, and rebirth. Remember that a tattoo can mean different things to different people, what's important is what it means to you!

"Below Are Just A Few Of The Benefits You Could Be
Experiencing When You Get Your Dream Tattoo!"

You Will Attract The Opposite Sex Hearing Them Whisper How Sexy You Look!

You Will Increase Your Self-Confidence... Knowing Your Tattoo Looks Awesome!

Become The Center Of Attention When Out In Public!

People Will Come Up To You And Comment On How Cool Your Tattoo Looks!


Did you know that 25% of first-time tattoo owners regret their choice of tattoo design? This percentage is staggering, and yet most people still continue to enter tattoo parlors with no clue what design they want! They blindly hope that they will discover their dream tattoo by looking through a few pages of designs... All the while their friends are whispering over their shoulders to hurry up and choose something. I've seen this scenario played out again and again all around the world.

"In the end people choose a design they aren't 100% certain about, and as a result... Regret it for the rest of their life!"

My father is a prime example. When he was a younger man he and his friends went out one night and decided to get a tattoo. My dad told me later that he was the last one to choose and his friends were telling him to hurry up, so in the end he was forced to select a design which he regretted later. He used to tell us as children that "if you ever decide to get a tattoo when you're older don't ever let your friends rush you or you'll regret it!"

The fact is quite simple... You need time and a lot of designs to choose from in order to select something that you will love and not get sick of after 3 days. Remember tattoos last forever, so selecting one that you absolutely LOVE will take more then 5 minutes browsing through a couple of folders in a tattoo parlor!

When this unfortunate thing happens people have to spend more hard earned money on laser removal... Which will leave a very ugly scar!

Another common error many people make is tattoo location... Remember it's all about location, location, location! That means think twice before going in and asking your local tattoo artist to ink up your genitals or face!!! And again, people continue to get tattoos on parts of their bodies that they regret later!

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Tattoo My Brain has been used successfully by people all over the world to help them select the tattoo design of their dreams... All without the need to rush and regret it later. Scroll down to read some comments by a number of happy customers who have already experienced the power of this revolutionary tattoo collection.


“It Is Number #1 On The Net As
Far As I'm Concerned!”


I am just emailing you to thankyou for putting together the ultimate tattoo directory... It is number #1 on the net as far as I'm concerned. The sheer amount of designs is breathtaking. I have been browsing through them for six hours and I'm not even half way yet!

Thanks again,

Bob Olsen



“I Just Got Back From A Night Out
With My Boys And I Got Myself A Brand
Spanking New Tattoo!”



I wanted to let U know that I just got back from a night out with my boys and I got myself a brand spanking new tattoo! Guess where I got the design idea? That's right... TattooMyBrain.com!

Thanks heaps mate!

Chad P.



“Me And My Girlfriend Just Got
Home From The Tattoo Shop,
We Both Got Done!”


... My girlfriend told me about your website a couple of days ago. Since then I have been glued to my computer lookin at all the tattoos you have on display.

I think you were right about taking more than 5 minutes to decide on a design. Because there are so many choices, but I'm very close now to picking one. I'll let you know when I have one selected.

Me and my girlfriend just got home from the tattoo shop, we both got done! I am loving her tattoo (lower-back)... It's so HOT man! Mine is also totally wicked!

Kyle and Samantha



Wouldn't it be easier to have a huge collection of tattoo designs to choose from when selecting a tattoo for yourself? I know that for me it was essential! I got my first tattoo when I turned 18. The great thing about it was that I had spent a lot of time browsing through numerous tattoo collections. This allowed me to choose the tattoo that spoke to me on a symbolic level. The moment I saw it I just felt it instantly saying to myself, "This is the one!"

Tattoo My Brain is the result of many years of collecting tattoos from all parts of the globe. It will enable anyone, no matter how fussy, to discover the perfect tattoo design for themselves. When you become a member of Tattoo My Brain you get exclusive access to some awesome stuff including:

Browse through over 30 categories of tattoo designs... And Find The Tattoo You Truly Deserve!

Select From Over 6,000 Tattoo Designs All Categorized By Type!

Save And Print Out As Many Designs As You Like... You Can Download Them All If You Wish!

Use The Tattoo Designs As Inspiration And Design Your Own Tattoo!

Combine More Than One Tattoo Design Together And Give Yourself A Totally Original Tattoo!

Get Your Friends Involved And Ask Them For Feedback... When You Select Your Dream Tattoo!

Now You Can Take Your Time When Choosing A Tattoo... Without Being Rushed Like In A Tattoo Parlor!


The Tattoo My Brain membership is unique in that it allows you access to over 6,000 tattoo designs all for a one-time membership fee. This unfortunately is not the case with other tattoo websites, which charge between $6 and $15 for a single design!

If I was to charge this same amount for each design you could be paying as much $90,000! Lucky for you I'm not going to charge anywhere near that amount!


“This Has Saved Me So Much Time!” 


I've been a member for a little over a week and I thought I would get in touch to tell you that the website is very very cool! This has saved me so much time and I have already downloaded a number of tattoos that are on my wish list.

Vanessa Clark



“Your Site Is Hands Down The Best I Have
Encountered On My Long Internet Search!”


Hello Dean, we were very pleased when you emailed us to ask if we enjoyed our membership. I have personally recommended the site to all my friends and have even made some extra money by referring people to tattoo my brain with my affiliate link.

As far as tattoos go, your site is hands down the best I have encountered on my long internet search for decent tattoo designs. I wish you continued success.

Stewart Edwards
Kansas, US



“Within A Few Minutes I Had
Found The Perfect Design!”


... Before joining tattoo my brain I had been looking far and wide for a butterfly design to get on my ankle. I just couldn't find anything that appealed to me. Then I discovered tattoo my brain. After looking over the website I decided to join and I instantly went straight to the butterfly category. Within a few minutes I had found the perfect design. It was just like I imagined!




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I want you to be at complete ease when making this life changing decision, because I know that once you gain access to the Tattoo My Brain collection you will have no problem finding the perfect tattoo design that will give you joy for the rest of your life. So with that in mind I have decided to offer you an unbelievable 2 MONTH 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

So if you believe that you did not find the tattoo of your dreams in the Tattoo My Brain collection, then all you have to do is email me for a full refund! I will promptly return your money no questions asked!

So what are you waiting for? Take the Tattoo My Brain challenge today! If you're not completely satisfied with what Tattoo My Brain can do for you then I will refund your purchase... No questions asked! Therefore you have nothing to lose! Order today and experience the satisfaction of owning a tattoo that truly rocks!


The exciting news is that once your payment is processed you will gain instant access to the 'Members Area' of the website where you can browse the more than 6,000 tattoo designs that make up the best collection on earth. Join Tattoo My Brain now and start taking advantage of this powerful resource right away!


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I am extremely excited about hearing how Tattoo My Brain has impacted your life and your skin. And remember if you have any questions all you have to do is email me!

Dean Cameron

P.S. Tattoo My Brain has been enjoyed by countless satisfied customers from all over the world. Many have informed me through email that they really loved the user-friendly nature of the collection and found it a breeze to navigate through. Remember if you have any questions whatsoever I am only an email away. I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

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